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Anny De Leeuw

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I started as a piano-teacher. Later on I found out how fascinating the music of wind-orchestras

was, how many voices come together to make it sound harmonic and this was a challenge for

me writing some music. In the meantime I was teaching various orchestras in Amsterdam.

 (Wind-orchestras). But my BIG love was the Egerland-music  with his special sound

(as you know) and there was no Egerland-band  in or round Amsterdam.


 I decided to found such a band, together with some friends.a The first five years

I was the conductor of ABK and after that, when we had the money to pay

  for a conductor we hired a professional conductor.  Now ABK is almost 17 years

 old and successfully. My big pride as you understand, and still my big love

(after my husband, haha).


After that first 5 years I was conductor I met a guy named Andy Bakke who was as mad about music as I was.....

Andy learned me to sequence the midi-files and we worked years togehter by email....till Andy got his stroke......

thank God he recovered and now he is able to mix and record the midi's to mp3 with a wonderfully sound.


I am proud that I can call myself a friend of Andy Bakke !