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Andy and the Oompah's

Keli-Clarinet, Anders-Electronic Accordion, Karolee-Drums, William-Tuba

Bayerische Festmusik



What makes an Oompah band? Well the Tuba goes "Oom" on the root of the chord ( bass ) and the alternate bass on the next measure ( 5th of chord ) and the Clarinet goes "Pah" on the Octave of the chord in each measure. . .

Oom-pah-pah, Oom-pah- pah...that's how it goes, Oom-Pah-Pah, Oom-Pah-Pah, everyone knows!!

As we have found out most "German" bands at least here in Florida have Tuba's on their business cards advertising "Oompah" music...with NO Tuba!! So when you hire us you get that genuine German sound no matter if we are fully rigged with live backing from my Electronic Accordion OR fully acoustic. 



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Great shot of Andy, Sun Sentinal 2003
Click the Pic for more Info as the Central Florida Accordion Club
did a feature article on me.




Picture from Miami Herald, Garfield Street Park
Hollywood  Beach Florida, Acoustic Set, 2003



Unique Picture of William in 2002




Spacecoast OktoberFest

STAGE Pictures




Deland Florida Oktoberfest - 2006
(click pic for Video)



Crystal River 25th Oktoberfest - 2006
( click pic for Video)






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