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Guest Artist
Nikolay Pautov

Moscow, Russia


He likes Waltzes most of all and has access to one of the best libraries in the World. Nikolay is spending hours of time entering this with a mouse
 in CakeWalk for the love of listening to it.


Nikolay is fluent in both Russian, English and German and will be able to assist me with some of the translation work I have to do related to my page. I am grateful for his assistance in my song research.

...thank you Nikolay

My daughter been to his home town and is very impressed with the fact that the Russians value family and friendship more then money.

PLEASE- E-mail him with your comments,
 they will be greatly appreciated.

DayDreams Waltz
Serdtse Zimy
(Heart of Winter)
Otchi Tchornyia
(Dark Eyes)
MIDI Accordion Solo, Anders H. Bakke

Ancient Polka
Amurskiye Volny
(The Amur Waves)
Lady of the Manor
Belyie Rosy
White Roses Waltz
Little Birch Tree
Gypsy Dance
Domino Waltz
French Waltz
.Karello Finska Polketten
Karello Polka, Finnish
Waiting Waltz, Russian
Osenniy Son
An Autumn Dream, Russian
Oborvannyie Struny
Snapped Strings, Russian
Utrenniye Rosy
Morning Roses Waltz, Russian
(intro song)
A Sailors Dance, Russian
Anders H. Bakke

Contemporary Popular Russian Music in English or Russian

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