The Verdant Braes Of Skreen


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As I roved out one morning
Near the verdant braes of Skreen
I put my back to the mossy tree
To view the dew on the West Countrie
The dew on the foreign strand.

 O sit ye down on the grass, he said
On the dewy grass so green
For the wee birds all have come and gone
Since I my true love seen, he said
Since I my true love seen.

 O I'll not sit on the grass, she said
No lover I'll be of thine
For I hear you love a Connaught maid
And your heart's no longer mine, she said
And your heart's no longer mine.

 O I will climb a high high tree
And I'll rob a wild bird's nest
And back I'll bring what I find there
To the arms that I love best, he said
To the arms that I love best.






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