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Jimmy Giordanengo

Jimmy Giordanengo

La Huette

Now Playing
Original composition by Jimmy Giordanengo
Song is dedicated to the late Jacqeline Huet
She was the conductor of a Television Special
"Le Monde d'accordeon"="The World of Accordion"



Dimitrov Latchezar

Latchezar Dimitrov


( Violinist )  Who play for the Opera House in Nice France. Latchezar is doing

 editing and adding the extra parts...the Keyboard is Jimmy on the MIDI Accordion.


Champs Elisées
Edith Piaff
Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf
L'hymne de l'amour
Edith Piaf
( The Hymn of Love)
La Mer
Edith Piaf
( A.K.A. Beyond the Sea)
La Vie en Rose
Edith Piaf
( In the Pink)
Sous les ponts de Paris
(Under the Bridges of Paris)
Sous le ciel de Paris
(Under Paris Skies)
Edith Piaf
La Foule
(The crowd)
Edith Piaf
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Edith Piaf
( Not, I Do not regret Nothing, "No Regrets")


French Tango Accordion Arrangements
Accordion Transcriptions by Gary Dahl






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