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Draaiorgels van Amsterdam

(Street Organs from Amsterdam)
Initial sequences provided by Anny de Leeuw on the Midi Dutch Page
are from actual working Street Organs in Amsterdam




You MUST have a quality system to reproduce these files. 20-20 k Hz frequency response is required. This page is designed to be used ONLY! This page is designed to be used ONLY with Wave Table Cards of higher end quality.







Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Carousel Style


Brass Ring Polka
Revised in the Carousel Style
Anders H. Bakke, 1978
original composition

Perlee Band Organ Emulation #1
 Eugene Hayek/ŠAccordionMan
Perlee Band Organ Emulation #2
Perlee Band Organ Emulation #3
Eugene Hayek/ŠAccordionMan
Band Organ Emulation #4
Band Organ Emulation #5
ŠAccordionMan/Eugene Hayek
Band Organ Emulation #6
Eugene Hayek/ŠAccordionMan

Thanks for the technical assistance from
Bill Kibler's Site - Mr. PinWiz himself
Look up his Organ Builder Page for Piping information
Examples and Graphics to understand the techniques



.This page is dedicated to the kid still left in all of us,

don't forget to visit the Carousel here in St. Augustine.
Andy Bakke is playing Band Organ (MP3) your enjoyment!

 Try to ride the Virtual Merry-go-Round !
(Davenport Park, click)
Utrenniye Rosy
Morning Roses Waltz, Russian
Nikolay Pautov/Anders Bakke
In the near future you will be able to listen to all the songs
from this Webpage LIVE when you visit! Rides are still only $ 1.00










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