Welcome from the RingMaster .... :-) - Anders "Andy" Bakke, also known as AccordionMan, is an American Accordion player who mainly performed music of the genres bluegrass, cajun, country, dixieland, polka, zydeco. He also is well known for sequencing many MIDI files, especially of traditional polka songs ...

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Andy Bakke

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Andy Bakke's MIDI, MP3 Portal Site: Traditional German, Scandinavian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, French, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop, Dixieland , Jazz & Blues, Doo Wop and more...




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Accordion {[:]|\\Nawlins Po Boyz//[:]) Americana

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Nawlins Po Boyz is a duet or trio playing; Cajun, ZydeCajun, Zydeco, Blues, Mardi Gras, Dixieland, Rockabilly, Classic Country, Folk and Bluegrass...If you haven't eaten a Po Boy Sandwich, ya missing what cajun life is all about!
AccordionMan {[:]|\\OKTOBERFEST//|[:]) International

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Oktoberfest is the lively, colorful, and entertaining music performed by the Bavarian Oktoberfest oom-pah band. Consisting mainly of polkas, waltzes, and marches, it is the type of music that can be listened to and enjoyed all year long....
AccordionMan {[:]|\\OBERKRAINER//|[:]) International

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For over forty years, the Slavko Avsenik Ensemble's original "Oberkrainer" sound became the primary vehicle of ethnic musical expression for Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries, spawning hundreds of Alpine orchestras in the process. Enjoy!
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Virtual (MP3) Irish - 24/7 St. Patty's Day! Here is some Irish Midi Files that I have created or remixed using a PC-XP with a Sound Blaster 5.1 Live Card and SF2 Sound Fonts. I hope you will enjoy these melodies as much as I have had fun recording the MIDI >>--> to MP3 ....
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Irish/

PolkaTronics - Virtual MP3 Full Tracks of 192 kbps Mp3 songs; Ballroom Polka, Bartender Polka, Cafe Polka, Cuckoo Waltz, Chicken Dance, Dancing Doll Polka, Devil's Polka, Just Because Polka, Kat's Polka, St. Paul Waltz...Enjoy!
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/PolkaTronics/

Celtic Dragon - Jigs-Reels The Celtic Dragon's lost tracks of Jigs and Reels. Songs are; Blackberry Blossom, Listdoonvarna-Medley, Morning Star Medley, Morrisons Jig Medley, New Years Medley, Old Bush Medley,
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Celtic_Dragon/Jigs-Reels/

Virtual Band Organ - MP3 Virtual Instruments, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) has been around for over 20 years however, In 1998 Sound Blaster became "live" in the computer with the 64 AWE Gold card (Advanced Wave Effects). These MIDI Files were originally data only as the MIDI was the controls of actual Perlee Barrel Band Organs in operational in the streets of Amsterdam...
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Band_Organ/

Virtual-Carousel - MP3/Video I am never going to get old, I love the Carousel, Ride the St. Augustine, Florida Carousel at Daveport Park (next to the Library) and the Accordionman, Andy Bakke makes the Music here that can be heard on the Merry-Go-Round ...
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Carousel/

AccordionMan {[:]|\\VIRTUAL ITALY//|[:]) International 10 Free MP3 Full Tracks of Traditional Instrumental Italian Music (about 30 minutes long ) Songs are; Abruzzese Tarantella, Andromeda Polka, Cesarina Mazurka, Carneval di Venezia, Cumparsita Tango, Frenesia Tarantella, La Disperata Polka, Santa Monica-Tango, Tutto-Pepe Polka, Valzerone Valser...
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Italy/

AccordionMan {[:]|\\VIRTUAL GERMANY//|[:]) International German speaking peoples have a noble tradition of producing great composers and talented who, together, have created some of the most beautiful and enduring music ever performed of some of that music are featured below... Enjoy!
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Germany/

AccordionMan {[:]|\\EGERLAND//|[:]) International Our music is named "Egerländer-music". It comes from Bohemia, which belonged in the past to Austria. The river "Eger" flows through this area, which is better known as "Egerland"......
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Egerland/

AccordionMan {[:]|\\VIRTUAL BAVARIA//|[:]) International Volksmusik (literally translated from the German as "people's music") is the common umbrella designation of a number of related styles of traditional music from the Alpine regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland . Songs are; Anneliese, Bayerische Festmusik, Chicken-Dance, Bayerischer Klaps-Tanz, Die Perle Tirols, D'Hammerschmiedgsll'n, Heidi in den Bergen, Lilli Marlene, Schneewalzer, Treue Bergvagabunden.....Enjoy!
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Virtual_Bavaria/

AccordionMan {[:]|\\SCANDINAVIAN//|[:]) International Anders Bakke is a first generation Norwegian and his family is from Lundegren, Tyses is a Island not too far from Bergen Norway. Now with the MIDI Accordion he was a rich sound mix of Scandinavian Gammeldans ( Old Fashion Dances ) with Bass, Guitar and Fiddle!
URL: http://accordionman.web-ring.info/MP3/Scandinavian_Gammeldans/

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